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Try our original oriental buffet

Are you hungry? Are you in a hurry? Do you have a large group that needs feeding?

Then you can't go wrong with our Chinese restaurant. Our oriental buffet is made up of a selection of tasty dishes. You can eat as much as you like. There can be as many of you as you like. You can even finish as quickly as you like because you don't have to wait around for food.

You think this is great? You haven't seen our prices yet!
Chinese food - Caldewgate - Shangai Shangai Oriental Buffet - Chinese food

Dishes you can't say no to

Do you crave the authentic taste of oriental food?

Then you want to visit Shanghai Shanghai Oriental Buffet. We have 60 specially prepared dishes and drinks that are served all day every day. If you want to try something new, we have a great selection. If you want to stick to the classics, we have those too!

Oriental food - Rickerby - Shangai Shangai Oriental Buffet - Oriental food

Book your party here!

Are you having a meal with work colleagues? Or perhaps you are having a family gathering?

We can seat up to 200 people so all size groups are welcome! The best bit about it is that you get your food when you want. So you won't have to worry about us getting your order wrong or bringing your meal out too late! All you need to do is select the perfect dishes for your tastes.

We can cater for everyone

Are you or a friend on a diet?

That's no problem at all! We have a full fresh salad bar than you can help yourself to. We also serve fruit salads as a desert option.

Whether you're following a diet or simply want a healthy accompaniment to your meal, try our healthy options.

For the authentic taste on oriental cuisine, call us on 01228 548 403

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